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Bad Brains bad brains lim.ed.picture disc 18€
Clash, The london calling NA sim  25€
Clash, The litho in canada: live NA sim  15€
Clash, The live at the stadium 180 gram 23,5€
Clash, The hits back 180 gram 2lp 40€
X live at the whisky a go-go on the fabolous sunset strip 2lp sim  15€
Varukers, The one struggle, one fight NA 15€
Varukers, The vintage varukers - rare and unreleased 1980-1985 purple vinyl sim  15€
Vαrios: Tony Sly (No Use For A Name) Tribute nofx, lagwagon, etc clear vinyl w/ download card+7 bonus racks+poster+sticker 2lp 20€
Vαrios: Something Weird acid reign, burn, etc NA sim  15€
Vαrios: Ramones, Dead Boys, etc punk rock NA sim  15€
Vαrios: New York City Hardcore warzone, sick of it all, etc NA 17€
Vαrios: Iberian Rock Cities collector's compilation vol. 1 collector's series sp-06 - num.274/1000 sim  10€
Vαrios: A Tribute to Poison Idea hangover heartattack NA sim  15€
Undertones, The all wrapped up NA sim  15€
Undertones, The the undertones NA sim  15€
U.K.Subs brand new age NA sim  20€
U.K.Subs dimished responsability NA sim  20€
Total Chaos avoid all sides lim.color.vinyl of 500 copies 10€
Take Offense united states of mind NA 16€
Swingin' Utters hatest grits: b-sides and bullshit W/ download card for mp3 15€
Swingin' Utters here, under protest NA 15€
Subhumans internal riot NA sim  15€
Stupids retard picnic lim.ed.color vinyl 500 copies 15€
Stupids violent nun lim.ed.color vinyl 500 copies 15€
Stiff undertakes to the industry NA sim  12,5€
Stiff Little Fingers see you up there! NA sim  25€
Spinnerette spinnerette NA 18€
Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel a closer look NA sim  12,5€
Spermbirds something to prove NA 16€
Spazz crush kill destroy NA sim  15€
Sniffing Glue s/t NA sim  15€
Social Distortion sex, love and rock n roll NA sim  15€
Social Distortion mommy's little monster NA sim  15€
Social Distortion live and demo recordings vinyl num. 037/055 15€
Social Distortion greatest hits NA 25€
Social Distortion sex, love and rock 'n' roll NA sim  15€
Slaughter and The Dogs beware of… NA sim  15€
Skrewdriver all skrewed up NA sim  15€
Skrewdriver the early years - 1977-1979 NA sim  20€
Simbiose economical terrorism NA sim  12,5€
Sid Vicious my way NA 15€
Sick Of It All nonstop 180 gram gatefold lim.ed. 22,5€
Sex Pistols the original sex pistols live NA sim  17,5€
Sham 69 that's life 180 gram sim  15€
Sex Pistols no future u.k.? NA sim  15€
Sex Pistols last show on earth NA sim  15€
Sex Pistols the best of the sex pistols live NA sim  10€
Sex Pistols never mind the bollocks reissue sim  15€
Sex Pistols the great rock n roll swindle NA sim  25€
Sex Pistols flogging a dead horse NA sim  20€
Scared of Chaka tired of you NA sim 
Samedugas ala vai! NA sim  15€
S.O.A. no policy NA sim  15€
Ruts grin & bear it NA sim  15€
Rubber Gun grease up! NA sim  15€
Roger Miret & the Disasters my riot NA 10€
Rezillos, The can't stand the rexillos NA sim  15€
Rezillos, The mission accomplished… but the beat goes on promo sim  20€
Razors rare & live NA sim  15€
Real McKenzies, The westwinds w/ free mp3 download 15€
Records, The crashes NA sim  12,5€
Rancid rancid NA 20€
Rancid live in colonia NA sim  15€
Rancid …and out come the wolfs NA 15€
Rancid let the dominoes fall w/ free mp3 download 2lp 23,5€
Rancid b sides and c sides green vinyl sim  15€
Rancid indestructible NA 25€
Ramones end of the century 180 gram 15€
Ramones ramones mania NA 20€
Ramones road to ruin 180 gram 17€
Ramones it's alive 2lp sim  15€
Ramones end of the century NA sim  15€
Ramones cbgb's new york 1977 NA sim  15€
Ramones hey, ho… let's go! rhino vinyl 180 gram 20€
Radio 69 reality-punk NA sim  15€
Radical Dance Factory borderline cases NA sim  15€
Quicksand slip NA sim  15€
Poison Idea war all the time NA sim  15€
Poison Idea record collectors are pretentious assholes lim.color.vinyl 18€
Poison Idea kings of punk NA sim  15€
Plasmatics beyond the valley of 1984 NA 15€
Plasmatics coup d'ιtat NA sim  15€
Periferia S.A. s/t NA sim  12,5€
Pennywise all or nothing NA 19€
Oxymoron westworld w/ poster 2000 copies sim  15€
Operation Ivy operation ivy NA sim  25€
Olho Seco lutar matar - early rare discography NA sim  15€
Offspring smash NA 20€
NOFX live & limited: newport 1992 soundboard recording part two 400 copies sim  15€
NOFX self entitled w/ download card mp3 18€
New Found Glory not without a fight NA sim  17€
Necros conquest for death NA sim  15€
Murphys Law the partys over blue vinyl sim  15€
Misfits die die my darling NA 16€
Misfits misfits NA 20€
Misfits walk among us 180 gram 19€
Misfits legacy of brutality picture disc sim  25€
Misfits twilight of the dead NA 15€
Misfits brain eaters: live l.a. 1982 NA sim  15€
Misfits evilive NA 18€
Misfits walk among us and the spot sessions demos NA sim  15€
Misfits I turned into a martian: live nyc 81 NA sim  15€
Misfits project 1950 lim.color vinyl - record store day 2lp sim  15€
Misfits earth a.d. NA 15€
Misfits evilive wolfsblood NA sim  15€
Minor Threat minor threat W/ free download 17€
Minor Threat out of step W/ free download 17€
MDC millions of dead cops picture disc sim  18€
MDC hey cop, if I had a face like yours NA sim  15€
Lurkers, The 1977 - singles, sessions & other crap! NA sim  15€
Lubricated Goat psychedelicatessen NA sim  15€
Lolers, The elgin avenue breakdown NA sim  30€
Lambrettas, The beat boys in the jet age NA sim  15€
la polla records salve 180 gram lim.ed.+bonus track 19€
Jello Biafra shock-u-p 10" ep 13€
Jello Biafra I bloew minds for a living - spoken word album #3 2lp sim  15€
Jam, The town called tokyo: live japan 1982 NA sim  15€
Jam, The radio wave NA sim  15€
Jam, The 100 club 1977 NA sim  15€
Jam, The the gift NA sim  15€
In/Humanity the history behind the mistery NA sim  15€
Heresy 20 reasons to end it all NA 15€
Heresy face up to it! NA 15€
Hellbastard heading for internal darkness NA 19€
Green Day dookie reissue sim  15€
Green Day 8th annual xmas gig: live 1991 NA sim  15€
Green Day 21st century breakdown 180 gram 2lp 26€
Green Day shenanigans 2002 compilation of rarities 15€
Gorilla Biscuit start today W/ free download 18€
GG Allin & the Murder Junkies hated - the ost to the todd phillips film NA sim  15€
GG Allin you hate me + I hate you NA sim  15€
Generation X k.m.d. - sweet revenge NA sim  17,5€
G.I.S.M. Sonic crime the rapy anatomy love 2lps-- re-edition sim  25€
Foxboro Hottubs stop drop and roll!!! NA 15€
Flood flood NA sim  13,3€
First Law beyond 10 NA sim  15€
Fear the record rhino vinyl 180 gram 17€
Fear paradise studio demo 1978 NA sim  15€
F.U.'S kill for christ / my america NA sim  15€
Extreme Noise Terror / Chaos U.K. radioactive split vinyl sim  15€
Extreme Noise Terror a holocaust in your head reissue 19€
Electro Hippies the only good punk… NA sim  15€
Dwarves blood guts & pussy NA 15€
Dropkick Murphys tessi 500 copies white wax sim  15€
Drones, The further temptations NA 18€
Dr. Know plug-in jesus and burn gold vinyl 20€
Doom workld of shit NA sim  15€
Doom fuck peaceville 2lp sim  18€
Disorder violent world / more noise ep NA sim  15€
Discharge live 1983 NA sim  15€
Death Side wasted dream NA sim  15€
Death Side bet on the possibility NA sim  15€
Dead Kennedys mutiny on the bay: live san francisco bay area 1982/86 NA 15€
Dead Kennedys in god we trust, inc. NA sim  15€
Dead Kennedys bedtime for democracy remastered from original tapes 18€
Dead Kennedys frankenchrist remastered from original tapes 18€
Dead Kennedys plastic surgery disasters - demos 1982 green vinyl sim  15€
Dead Kennedys give me convenience or give me death 180 gram 20€
Dead Kennedys plastic surgery disasters NA 19€
Dead Kennedys fresh fruit for rotting vegetables NA 20€
Damned, The rare tracks & demos volume two 80-83 NA sim  15€
D.R.I. rock against reagan: live 1983/1984 NA sim  15€
D.R.I. dealing with it! NA 17€
Crumbsuckers life of dreams back on black 180 gram lim. coloured ed. 18€
Crass christ - the album NA 22,5€
Crass penis envy W/ download card 16€
Crass the feeding of the 5 thousand w/ dowload card sim  16€
Crass demos 1977-79 NA sim  15€
Cramps, The songs the cramps taught us - volume 2 NA sim  15€
Cramps, The rockinnreelininaucklandnewzealandxxx: live new zealand 1986 coloured vinyl 20€
Cramps, The songs the lord might have taught us: rarities NA sim  15€
Cramps, The fetischism vol. 2: live france 1980 NA sim  15€
Cramps, The a date with elvis NA sim  12,5€
Cramps, The smell of female NA sim  15€
Cramps, The what's inside a girl? / get off the road / give me a woman maxi-single sim  15€
Cramps, The you betta duck!: live montreal 1984 NA sim  25€
Cramps, The tales from the cramps vol. 1 NA sim  15€
Cramps, The stay sick! NA sim  15€
Corps, The bottle of rock n roll picture disc sim  12,5€
Cock Sparrer guilty as charged 2009 picture disc 18€
Cock Sparrer guilty as charged 180 gram color vinyl reissue 15€
Cobra Skulls agitations w/ dowload card free mp3 15€
Clash, The the other nights from bons: live new york june 81 NA sim  15€
Clash, The white riot tour 1977: live NA sim  15€
Clash, The on broadway outakes NA sim  15€
Clash, The give 'em enough rope NA sim  15€
Clash, The sandinista! 3lp sim  25€
Clash, The the sound of the sinners ed.japonesa sim  15€
Civ set your goals lim.ed.color vinyl 17€
Chiodos bone palace ballet lim.ed.color vinyl+cd+booklet sim  17€
Buzzocks the peel sessions 1977-79 NA sim  15€
Buzzocks 1977 demos and live NA sim  15€
Buzzocks secret publics 'best in good food' 2lp sim  20€
Blasters, The the blasters NA sim  10€
Black Flag london 85 NA sim  15€
Black Flag the first four years NA 18€
Biohazard reborn in defiance 180 gram gatefold 2lp+poster 25€
Bijou ok carole NA sim  15€
Bethnal dangerous times NA sim  10€
Bad Religion true north NA 22,5€
Bad Religion the dissent of man w/ free cd 20€
Bad Religion the empire strikes first NA 15€
Bad Religion the process of belief NA sim  15€
Bad Brains rock for light NA 15€
Babysitters, The live at the marquee NA sim  10€
Anihilated path of destruction lim.coloured ed.+poster sim  12,5€
Alien Sex Fiend amnother planet NA sim  15€
Agnostic Front another voice NA 17€
Agnostic Front united and strong 1984 demos NA sim  15€
Accused, The the curse of martha splatterhead 180 gram lim.ed. 22,5€
Accused, The oh, martha! NA 18€
7 Seconds harcore rules 1980-1982 NA sim  15€
999 the 999 singles album NA sim  15€
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